Christoph Berg
Tape Anthology

Vol. 1

Cat #

Release Date
21 November 2019

A1   Shinonome
A2   The Vineyard
A3   Premonition
A4   Notes From Kyoto
A5   A Discordant Hum Of Voices

B1   Concertino for Tape and Violin
      I. Violino Tacet: The Narrator
      II. Cadenza
      III. Cantabile E Cesura
B2   Happy, In Human Terms
B3   Hymn for the Intrigued

Contribution and guest appearance
Midori Hirano (A4, B2)
Stefan Lingg (B1)

Stephan Mathieu (Schwebung Mastering)

Lacquer Cut
Andreas [Lupo] Lubich

Record Manufacturing
Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH

Design and Layout
Christoph Berg

Vinyl Edition
180g black vinyl in reverse printed jacket
including Download Card

Digital Edition

File under
Experimental Sound Art / Musique Concrète

With his new record Tape Anthology Vol. 1 Christoph Berg kicks off an album series mainly focusing on works based on Tape manipulation. At the same time it marks the inaugural release of his own imprint Monochrome Editions. Based on source material recorded in different parts of the world, the album forms a travelogue made with field recordings, occasionally accompanied by an array of instruments. The raw, extensive material — collected in an archive of reels — became subject to meticulous organisation and arrangement: The tapes have been cut, manipulated, destroyed, fixed, and reshaped into a treasury of experiences. Through an initially improvised approach to sources and his analogue assembly of the emerging recordings afterwards, Christoph has been methodically avoiding predictable conditions.

The overall process is, in many ways, similar to the way Christoph travels and absorbs situations: curious, spontaneous, attentive, and modest. His work is less about destination than about the journey, it is a collection of collages of things, places, people and events and deliberately renounces any conclusion, by which Tape Anthology Vol. 1 also evades any obvious stagnation. Even when themes are appearing, everything stays in constant movement, away from, towards or around you — the compositions are dragging you in, but not releasing you in the expected or a familiar location. It is a captivating voyage through an ever-changing landscape that — through abstention of any predictability — is not only the core of improvisation, but a philosophical approach to both traveling and being in general.

By never succumbing to tradition, expectation or comfort, Tape Anthology Vol. 1 is continuously reaching out for the capture of our surrounding — and our agency within it. Herewith the record embodies the ever intriguing correlation of spontaneity and subsequent mapping.

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